4 things Pochettino must achieve to win the trust of Chelsea fans

Photo: Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Mauricio Pochettino is yet to win the heart of the Chelsea faithful, due to Chelsea’s inconsistent displays so far this season.

Chelsea are still in mid-table, and the Blues have been unable to string a decent run of form. There’s a lack of enthusiasm these days at Stamford Bridge, and fans are yet to fully trust Pochettino.

To win the trust of Chelsea fans, Mauricio Pochettino must achieve several key objectives:

  1. **Improved Performances and Results**: Chelsea is currently positioned mid-table in the Premier League, which is a significant underachievement considering the club’s history and the massive investment in players. Pochettino needs to enhance the team’s performance on the pitch, leading to better results in both domestic and European competitions.
  • **Development of Young Talent**: The club has focused on acquiring young talent with the expectation of building a formidable team for the future. Pochettino must demonstrate his ability to develop these young players into top performers who can compete at the highest level.
  • **Competing with Top Teams**: Pochettino is recognized for his tactical acumen and ability to hold his own against other elite managers. Consistently competing and securing victories against top Premier League and European teams would be crucial in winning over the fans.
  • **Long-Term Vision and Stability**: Given Chelsea’s history of frequent managerial changes, providing a sense of stability and direction would be vital. Pochettino needs to show he can lead the club through its transition period effectively, aligning with the new ownership’s vision and building a foundation for sustained success.

Achieving these objectives would be challenging but essential for Pochettino to earn the trust and support of the Chelsea fanbase. This would require balancing immediate results with the long-term development of the team and the club’s overarching strategy.