See what Timo Werner had to say about Chelsea after completing Spurs move

Photo: Getty images

Timo Werner has finalised his transfer to Tottenham, and is now going to spend the rest of the 2023-24 campaign with the North London outfit.

It’s clearly a bad move from a Chelsea fans’ perspective, seeing as he left Stamford Bridge just about a year ago, and not many of them will want him to succeed there.

As is the norm, the 27-year-old has been granting interviews with Spurs’ media platforms, but what some people will find rather interesting is the way he chose to speak about the Blues in one of his interviews.

In a particular interview, Werner refuses to call Chelsea by their name, and instead refers to them as ‘my old club’. He however, did mention that he won a trophy while at Stamford Bridge, before going on to promise he would do the same for Ange Potescoglu’s side.

Werner said: “One-and-a-half years ago I left England, I watched the Premier League, not too much to follow every single club but Tottenham was always a club which I watched.

“When I joined my old club, I said I wanted to be a winner and I wanted to win titles at the end, and we won the Champions League so I think it shouldn’t be too bad to say that I’ve come here to also win titles and to win something.

“A lot of things attracted me here – first of all, the talk with the manager. He gave me straight away the feeling that I need to join a club, what I want to feel when you talk to a manager and also the tactics and the style.”