Frank Leboeuf explains why Chelsea will struggle for years

Photo: Reuters

Chelsea legend Frank Leboeuf has revealed Chelsea will struggle for years due to the way the team was built since Todd Boehly bought the club.

“You try to be positive but there is nothing we can say,” Leboeuf told ESPN.

“If I were Thiago Silva or Disasi at the back, I will go the coach and say, ‘When we have the ball, what can we do? We know they are going to lose it and we are not going to score any goals’.

“We cannot create anything, we don’t have anyone up front who can do something different.

“In the middle of the park, we don’t have someone who can change something and outnumber the opponent.

“There is nothing I can see that can improve Chelsea playing that way.”

“They have to change everything and change many players and that is not possible,” he added.

“So they are going to struggle for years because of the way they built the team.

“Everything is easy to read, it is predictable. You have nothing to surprise the opponent.”