Hasselbaink slams £115m Chelsea player after Tuesday’s Carabao Cup loss

Photo: Getty images

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has criticised Moises Caicedo for his performance during Chelsea’s Carabao Cup semi-final defeat against Middlesbrough on Tuesday night.

The Blues were beaten by a first-half goal from Hayden Hackney.

The goal came off a counterattack, which saw Levi Colwill dribbled past by Isiah Jones, who then squared a low cross into the box for Hackney to finish.

Colwill was however not the only culprit for the goal, as Caicedo appeared to stop running after Hackney just before the Boro star found the net for the Championship side.

The Ecuadorian was also spotted misplacing his passes on a number of occasions, which left ex-Chelsea man, Hasselbaink feeling very disappointed with the player, who his former club paid a whopping £115m for last summer.

“With Caicedo… It becomes a one-versus-one,” Hasselbaink told Sky Sports while analysing Boro’s goal.

“If you have determination, you don’t lose your one-versus-one. It’s a simple one.

“You just keep running with your man, you stay with him, and at the last moment you give him a little nudge so he cannot put that ball in. He stopped!”

Caicedo has previously admitted he isn’t playing as well as he should, and the 22-year-old also vowed to work harder and find a way to repay the faith the club have put in him by paying so much to sign him from Brighton. We can only he gets focused during key moments of the game for starters.