Arsenal legend Thierry Henry names ex-Chelsea star as his favourite player of modern times

Photo: Getty images

Arsenal legend, Thierry Henry has named Eden Hazard his best player of recent times.

Hazard announced he was retiring from football on Tuesday after a tumultuous four seasons with Real Madrid.

New France U21 coach Henry told L’Equipe: “My favourite player in recent years is Eden Hazard. He’s been… Wow! But he is an instinctive player!

“The only thing you have to do is give him guidelines about the areas in which he will receive the ball and be able to express himself.

“In the structure, he does what he wants. How many times have I sat on the bench and said to myself: ‘What the hell is he doing? Oh bravo!’

“Even I have scored goals in which I have heard my coach yell at me: ‘Don’t shoot! (Laughs)’. So you give instructions, but you can’t control instinct.”