John Terry claims former Chelsea player is the best footballer to never make it

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea legend John Terry has named former Chelsea youth player Rob Wolleaston as the best footballer not to make it.

When asked who was the most talented player to not make the grade In an Instagram Live in 2020, Terry responded: “He was like a midfielder/winger, had so much ability.

“He got chosen to train with the first team at a really young age, 17 or 18, did really well and [Ruud] Gullit told him he was going to play in the first team in a cup game.

“He then phoned up on the day of the game and said he was sick.

“All of us, if we were sick or felt like we were at the end of the world, we would have still gone and played the game, we wouldn’t have given up that opportunity.

“He actually done it two or three times and he was just not mentally ready for the game, but ability-wise, incredible.”