‘My job is to score, it’s up to the manager to start me’ – Chelsea player says

Chelsea striker Armando Broja has vowed to help his team further, following his goal against Fulham in the Premier League on Monday night.

The 22-year-old has shown signs of a promising return after being on the sidelines for months due to a knee injury.

According to Broja, he’ll deliver as long as his boss gives him the chance to do so.

He stated: “I’ll help the team as much as possible to score goals. That is my job as a striker, to score goals and to help the team. I’m really thankful that the manager did start me at Fulham and I did get my first goal. I’ll try as much as possible to score more goals and help the team.

“It’s up to the manager and what he decides going forward. My job is to come in and help the team as much as possible. If he does start me I ‘Il try to do my best and score goals. If he doesn’t start me then I’ve got to keep my head up, keep working, keep going forward and try to cause a headache for the manager. That’s the same as every player. We’re at Chelsea Football Club, every player’s got to fight for their place in the team.”