Pochettino finally explains why Chelsea are 12th in the league

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Chelsea’s poor form has carried on from last season, as results so far this season have been disappointing as well.

The Blues are currently 12th in the league, after four matches, as Chelsea only got a win in the game against newly promoted Luton Town.

While performances have improved, results have remained poor, and Mauricio Pochettino has explained why.

“The team performance was good in the first month,” said Pochettino. “We didn’t get the points that we deserved. The organisation was good, the way that we want to play. Players believe in the way that we want to play.

“If you see the data, we are very good in possession, we are very good in construction and building. Only what we are missing is to score goals. That’s the most important thing in football. We want to be more competitive. We cannot concede this type of goal we conceded against Nottingham. We cannot be so weak, we need to be more solid. We have players with experience, players that can do better.

“At the moment, I think my feeling is bad because we are playing well, we are showing to everyone we can compete, we dominate games against teams like Liverpool. But in the end we need to be more competitive – I say that because I don’t want to use another word. We need to be more naughty, more aggressive.

“They’re not too nice. (They need) to compete better. To increase our level is not about our quality, it’s to compete. To compete more in every single moment of the game that requires some thing to do. Because we’re still building the team, finding this balance, for sure it’s a matter of time.

“I try to describe why we didn’t get the points we deserved. At some moment of the game you need to show more this quality, this mental strength, to have this experience to manage better to deal with some circumstance in the game. Sometimes it’s not about only talent.

“When you see the Forest game after two weeks, the time we’ve spent trying to identify why we lost the game, it’s really tough. But that’s not to do with last season, we can’t blame last season. We need to blame ourselves and find solutions in ourselves. We cannot blame the past, we cannot blame the feeling of last season. Now it’s a new era, everything is new.”