Levi Colwill: Mauricio Pochettino pushes me everyday

Young Chelsea centre-back Levi Colwill has given his verdict on what it feels like to work under Mauricio Pochettino.

“He’s a really good guy,” Colwill said.

“He pushes you every day, makes sure he gets the most out of you. He’s always there to have a conversation after a game. He’ll tell you if you played good or bad. He’ll be honest with you and that’s what you need to improve and become the best player you can. I really appreciate that.”

“I want to try and stay in the team. I’ve got to improve my performances and get wins as a team. Whatever comes after that comes. If I’m playing well hopefully I can be in the England set-up. That would be the plan, but my priority is here,” he added.

“If I work hard here and put in good performances, I will have done everything I can to put myself in the position to go to the Euros.

“Tonight will be a tough game, but back at the Bridge with the fans behind us we can push ourselves and hopefully get the win to start us off.”