Mauricio Pochettino disappointed with one thing Chelsea players failed to do against Liverpool

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has admitted he is disappointed Chelsea couldn’t find the winner in the 1-1 draw against Liverpool on Sunday.

When asked by BBC’s Match of the Day whether a draw was a fair result, Pochettino replied: “I don’t believe it is. I think we deserved a little bit more overall. We feel pleased, but at the same time disappointed because we wanted to win and we deserved to win, but it is only the beginning.

“We have created a very good way to work here and that is important. It is about belief and about work and to trust each other. The connection from day one has been fantastic.

“The fans were always with us. Even in the difficult moment they were there, they never gave up and always believed in the team and the team felt the energy from the crowd.

“It was difficult from the beginning but how we grew in the game and how we found the way to play and how we started to dominate and push Liverpool deeper and deeper, I am very pleased about everything.

“We need to grow every single day.”