I know I can do a lot of great things at Chelsea – Player declares

Photo: Getty images

New Chelsea forward Christopher Nkunku is confident he can become a great player for Chelsea following his move from RB Leipzig this summer.

“I want to show what I can do,” Nkunku said. “This is just the beginning. I still need to adapt.

“To come here and score directly in the first game, I was very happy. The first thing in my mind is to adapt with the team and my teammates –  with the club also – and improve every day.”

“In this project the main thing is about the team,” he continued. “We want to be up in the table, achieve the Champions League [qualification] next season. This is the main thing, and then after yeah I have some goals, but I keep that personal.

“I was dreaming of playing in the Premier League. This is the league where I wanted to play in my career and have the chance to be. It is the biggest league in the world and every great player wanted to play in this league.”

“After the first week I spoke with one of my teammates and he said, ‘Yes, it’s very hard,’ ” Nkunku explains. “But this is also where we are in pre-season. We need to prepare ourselves to be ready for the first game. We don’t want to take three games to be ready in the league.

“I want to work in every session, every game. I know I can do a lot of great things here. We will see in the future but I am not scared about anything.”