Mauricio Pochettino reveals what makes him different from Graham Potter

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has shown he has a different mentality to former boss Graham Potter after declaring his target is to win games as Chelsea boss.

According to Pochettino, playing good football isn’t enough as he also demands winning games from his players.

Pochettino said: “My target is to win.

“Of course, it is to do a good job and play well, as that is our style and philosophy. If you do not win at a club like Chelsea, for sure you are going to struggle.

“It is so important to try to achieve difficult things, because in the Premier League is really tough, many teams want the same as us [trophies].

“We need to bring players in that believe from day one that it is all about winning, being competitive and giving our best. We are already working really hard and then we need to translate this energy to our fans to create a togetherness.

“What I found from day one, the squad is not all the squad yet, but the players were very open and the attitude was opening. We are going to add more quality.

“I want to provide and give the people, who trust in me, everything that I can do. I know that I need to build a relationship with the fans. I am fully committed with Chelsea.

“My aim is to win trophies.”