Christopher Nkunku tells Mauricio Pochettino the position he wants to play at Chelsea

New Chelsea signing Christopher Nkunku has revealed his favourite position ahead of making his debut for the Blues.

Nkunku’s versatility has seen him play in several positions but the France international has revealed he prefers playing as a striker.

Nkunku told Chelsea’s official website: “My favourite position is striker. I have also played as a midfielder and these last years I played striker — I like this position. I want to be happy on the pitch and do some skills and protect my football.”

Asked if he has had the chance to speak with Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino, Nkunku added: “I have not had a chance to speak to him, not yet. I spoke to some of my friends from Paris about him a little bit. I speak about him a little bit with some of the players. They told me that he’s a very good coach and I’m excited to work with him.”

He added: “We can say that I am a hard worker. I will give everything for the club, for the fans and to help the team bring some trophies. To give the best of my football. I hope I will make them as happy as I am to be here at this club.

“On the pitch I’m a bit quiet, but I can speak, I can shout also. But I’m very focused on the football and about winning, to do everything right, so I can say I speak with my feet. But it’s important obviously to speak to the boys on the pitch.”