Frank Lampard reveals what he told the players at half-time in the 2-2 draw against Nottingham Forest

Photo: Getty images

With Chelsea 1-0 down at half-time, Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has revealed what he told the players at half-time to get a reaction in the second-half.

Lampard told BBC Match of the Day: “It was quite easy for me because it was nothing to do with tactics. It was our own problem of not being dynamic enough.

“When you are Chelsea and where you are trying to get to, you have to do more at the top end of the pitch and be willing and have hunger to get into the box. The minute we injected that, the whole stadium could see the difference.”

“There wasn’t a rocket but I just said what needed to be said. Tactics are irrelevant if you aren’t fast at the top end. The ideas for the players were there before the game. We didn’t implement them in the first half but when we did implement them, we improved and excited the crowd and they had the feeling of wanting to see forward runs and passes.”