Chelsea manager Frank Lampard reacts to 2-2 draw against Nottingham Forest

Photo: Getty images

Reacting to Chelsea’s 2-2 draw against Nottingham Forest at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, Chelsea interim manager Frank Lampard told Sky Sports: “It was slow from us in the first half. We had all of the ball. Their threat is always going to be crosses and counters and set-pieces. We expected that but from our point of view we were too slow at the top end of the pitch. Too sideways, too slow and we go 2-1 up and it’s a long throw and then a goal so we were disappointed that we didn’t start the first half how we started the second half.

“The things I said to them at half-time were only reinforcements but maybe a bit stronger than what I said before the game. Our last home game against Brentford was similar in the sense that you lose 45 minutes.

“In this moment it was a random ball into the box and they score. Their only other threats were set-pieces but you’ve got to take responsibility for your own actions as a team and we were didn’t give them the problems that we should have in the first half.”