BREAKING: N’Golo Kante finally reveals the club he will play for next season

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante has revealed that he is “for sure” keen on continuing at the club next season.

Kante’s contract expires in the summer and the midfielder has hinted he is open to signing a new Chelsea contract.

“For sure,” Kante told Sky Sports when asked if he wants to be a part of the club’s new project.

“It’s an exciting project for the club. Unfortunately this season hasn’t been to Chelsea’s standards.

“But everyone wants to go in this way, the way of success and winning titles.

“I hope this club will again fight in this direction.

“Let’s see where I will be but I hope that this is a change for the club, that is most important.”

The 32-year-old has been a key figure in the Chelsea team once again since his return from a long-term hamstring injury, with the player describing his happiness at finally ending his lay-off.

“It was the purpose of the surgery, to come back strong,” Kante said.

“At the moment I feel good, hopefully it’ll carry on like this. For the last weeks I’ve been playing I’ve felt very good.

“Hopefully I can carry on for the rest of the season and hopefully the most difficult part is behind me, and I’m able to forget it – enjoying football again and wins again. Hopefully more success [too].”