West Ham manager believes West Ham star has the quality to play for Chelsea

Photo: Getty images

West Ham manager David Moyes believes West Ham captain Declan Rice has the quality to play for Chelsea.

Moyes said: “Declan (Rice) is improving all the time.

“He’s still young, and he’s got a long way to go, but he’s improving.

“He’s earned his right to play for England and every time he’s come back from playing for England, I’ve seen someone new – with more confidence, with more about his game.

“He’s got leadership and things which will improve with age and time. But overall, he’s been very good. Declan could play for any club. No doubt about that. He can play different roles as well.

“He could quite easily fill in as a defender if required. He could play as an attacking midfield player. He could play as a No 6. He’s got the ability to play in several different roles.”