‘It’s clear to see’ – This is why Chelsea have struggled badly this season

Following the 3-1 defeat at Arsenal on Tuesday night, Chelsea interim manager Frank Lampard has revealed why Chelsea have struggled this season.

Lampard said: “Chelsea has been a big success for 20 years but at the moment we aren’t in that position.

“In the time I’ve been here it’s clear to see behind the scenes, on the training ground, the reasons why.

“If you’re going to be a nice team to play against all the time it doesn’t matter where you go. That won’t change overnight but we better get there quickly.

“The passive nature of our game you could attribute to many things. The players certainly care.

“They are low on confidence, but when you play for Chelsea you have to play a certain way even if you are low on confidence.

“Whatever it is, it maybe doesn’t even matter because the only thing that will get you out of it is understanding and working hard. The gap was the other way around for many years.”