Chelsea compared to ’11 olives with no tactics’ after 3-1 defeat to Arsenal

Photo: Getty images

Former Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has compared Chelsea to “11 olives with no tactics” after watching them lose 3-1 to Arsenal last night.

He said: “When I was little, I had a coach with 11 olives and he would throw them on the table with no tactics. This is how I see Chelsea.

“We saw two different sides. One was really well drilled and coached and Chelsea allowed that. Sometimes Chelsea, I couldn’t believe the tactical and technical mistakes.

“We are not used to it. They had World Cup winner, World Cup winner, World Cup finalists, Brazil captain. Sometimes it doesn’t matter.

“It is difficult. I feel for Lampard. I completely understand where he is coming from in a way. It is just sometimes about the players, you need to look in the mirror yourself and ask questions.

“Nowadays what I see is the excuse to look at the manager. He doesn’t play, it’s the players showing up.”