Ben Chilwell reacts to Chelsea’s 3-1 defeat to Arsenal

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea left-back Ben Chilwell has reacted to Chelsea’s 3-1 defeat at Arsenal on Tuesday night.

“We’re hurt and angry, every negative emotion you could think of,” Chilwell said.

“It was very poor. We knew that if we came here and played like that we would have to expect to concede three goals. We weren’t getting tight to anyone, weren’t laying a hand on anyone. We were passive.

“We’re probably quite a nice team to play against which has been the story of the whole season to be honest. It seems to be every team that plays against us has a good game. That’s not a coincidence. A lot of the performances recently have been below the standard we set. The first half was another example of that. We have to look at ourselves.”

Chilwell added: “We are in a deep hole at the moment. To get ourselves out of it we need to stick together. There will be a lot of outside noise, but we need to stick together, train hard and coming into games show the effort the fans want to see.

“That’s all we can focus on now: doing it for ourselves and importantly for the fans, giving them something positive in the last five games. They have stuck with us all season. We went over to clap them and they’re still there, so we really have to do it for them.

“It’s pretty big going into next season. If we can get some results, show we’re a team and give the fans something to smile about, hopefully we can take that into pre-season.”