Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta reacts to 3-1 defeat to Arsenal

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta has reacted to Chelsea’s 3-1 defeat to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday night.

Azpilicueta told Sky Sports: “The first half we were quite passive. We know they are a dangerous team and will bring a lot of people forward but we should’ve done better with the ball.

“In the second half we showed a bit of a reaction, in the first half we were far from there. It’s tough for everybody, we’re not in a good position. The reality is what we have now. We have to go through it.

“We are all disappointed, the fans at the club. We have to take responsibility and that’s the only way. It’s very hard, we didn’t expect to be here but that’s where we are. We have five games left, we have to show a positive energy and win games.

“It’s the worst run since I’ve been at the club. We’re the ones playing on the pitch and we have to turn this around. It’s hard for everybody and we have to come through these moments. Off the pitch we have a lot of things to work on.”