Joe Cole reveals his only concern with Mauricio Pochettino as Chelsea manager

Chelsea legend Joe Cole is confident Mauricio Pochettino is the ‘right fit’ for Chelsea but fears his Tottenham connections could undermine him if he doesn’t get off to a strong start.

Cole told BT Sport: “It’s a hell of a job. I think Pochettino fits but they have to be mindful of the connection with Tottenham. They’re going to have to do something smart in the way they market it.

“But Chelsea fans also have to understand that and take a step back and think about it.

“Is a Zidane coming in, yes he’s a great name, his resume is unbelievable and he’s been at Real Madrid. But he doesn’t speak English. Has he taken a team over at 11th or a slightly broken club?

“Pochettino has done that and he’s done it with aplomb so he does fit. But Chelsea fans have to breathe a little bit, put aside he’s an ex-Tottenham manager.”