Todd Boehly warned Mauricio Pochettino isn’t the right manager for Chelsea

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Chelsea owner Todd Boehly has been warned Mauricio Pochettino will come up “short” at Chelsea as he lacks the “winning gene”.

The former Tottenham manager is close to being named as Chelsea’s next permanent manager.

Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan told talkSPORT: “I don’t think anyone can doubt that he’s passionate and can bring people with him, but my question about Pochettino is whether he has this tiny little factor that only the top managers have, and it’s something you can’t bottle or distil, it’s this win gene. And I don’t think he has it.”

Jordan then added: “He’s also got to overcome elite managers in the Premier League. It’s not just galvanising the squad. We all know Pochettino can make Chelsea contenders, and if they’re satisfied with that, that’s fine.

“But if they want to win he’s going to have to overcome Guardiola, Klopp and whoever else we think is an elite manager in this league, and that is where I believe he will come up short.”

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  1. El unico candidato debería ser Mourinho, que tan complicado es eso de entender por favor

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