Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy sends warning to Chelsea

Photo: Getty images

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy says new financial fair play rules will hamstring the spending power of Chelsea.

“Well firstly there are new rules coming into effect this season, UEFA rules, where sustainability is going to become much more paramount in people’s minds,” Levy said in an interview with Cambridge Union.

“So you’ll be limited in the amount you can spend on wages and transfer fees, effectively the amortisation element, as a percentage of your total turnover.

“So starting off at 90% and over three years it is going down to 70%. The impact of that is effectively some form of wage control.

“So I think even though clubs have been spending very heavily – and you talk about someone like Chelsea – now the new rules come into effect this summer, I think you’ll find that, regardless of who is the owner, it’s going to have quite an impact on the financing of football.”