Why Chelsea must announce a new manager for next season NOW

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Chelsea legend Frank Lampard is currently in charge in a caretaker role following Graham Potter’s sacking at the start of April.

Tim Sherwood has urged Chelsea to bring in a new manager now and work towards a squad clearout.

He said on Sky Sports: “It’s still a big couple of months for Chelsea, because I think they need to get a manager in as soon as possible.

“If they find a manager, they should bring a manager in, so he gets an opportunity to look at the squad, what he’s got.

“Because there needs a huge clearout here. Someone who wants to fight for that shirt and give them a little bit of balance.

“They’re so disjointed in their squad. They’ve got so many players in offensive areas, wide players, who are pretty similar quality-wise.

“Let a manager come in, see them train everyday, see them play in the remaining games, they’ve got tough games to come.

“And then he can make a decision because recruitment has been absolutely shocking.

“So let the manager be part of the recruitment policy. That’s the only way I can see it, there’s still a lot to play for.

“Otherwise you could waste this six weeks – or whatever it is until the end of the season – and you start from scratch next year.

“The new manager has to get used to the players. Use this time. If there is someone out there, out of a job, that they like, bring them in now.”

Sherwood added: “Frank will understand. He’s gone in there to help them out. I’m sure he’ll hold his hands up and say: ‘Look, there’s nothing to play for now.’

“If there is a manager free to come in now, have the conversation with Frank or even come in alongside Frank and watch from close quarters. They need to do something like that now.”

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  1. Jay-Wealthy | April 19, 2023 at 5:56 pm |

    I didn’t made this suggestion, sometimes ago.. someone has to come in.. Lampard isn’t it at all.. someone has to start working on the background.. let’s get our next season started already..

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