Frank Lampard: He is already a top player

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has hailed the quality of Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount.

“I am not going to tell anyone what opinion they should have on football but if anyone thinks Mason Mount is not already a top-level player then I am not sure what they are seeing,” Lampard said.

“Form is one thing that people can debate, players are getting debated more now than they ever were in my career, with social media, but from working with Mason, and you can ask myself, you can ask Thomas Tuchel, you can ask Gareth Southgate, you can ask Graham Potter, he is clearly a top player.

“I have come back and he has got his small injury problem but he felt okay in the game the other day and he did as good a job as he can, him and Conor coming on to help us close out the game with 10 men.

“It may be a little process over the next game or two of getting Mason to where we really want him to be. Fingers crossed that the injury is fine but he is a top player and a top lad and he does have a big affiliation with the club.

“The first thing a top player should have is a real hunger to succeed and he has had that since the first day I took him to Derby. He is still a young player and he can go even further but at the moment, he is already a top player.”