Thierry Henry reveals the mistake Joao Felix made against Real Madrid. It proved costly for Chelsea

Photo: Getty images

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has revealed the mistake Chelsea star Joao Felix made in Chelsea’s 2-0 defeat to Real Madrid on Wednesday night.

With just 100 seconds on the clock, Felix had a chance to give Chelsea the lead but he only managed to get a weak shot away at Thibaut Courtois after Eder Militao closed him down.

Henry says Felix should have done better with the crucial opening by cutting across the defender, who would either have to foul him or give him more time to shoot.

“You would like to think Joao Felix would have had the composure in the box,” Henry told CBS.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in that situation and it is not easy.

“What was easy for me was to have the awareness that you need to cut across.

“That’s the first thing that you learn as a centre forward. When defenders are chasing, I cut across.

“Slow or quick striker, it will give you that advantage of 1v1 or a red card. I’ve been in that situation, although I’d like to think I was composed in the box.

“You overthink it. I do believe that you always have time in the box, football time.

“When you’re not scoring, it feels like that time is really fast and you don’t have that composure anymore.”