We want some payback against Real Madrid and hopefully beat them – Chelsea star

Chelsea star Christian Pulisic is looking to avenge last season’s defeat to Real Madrid when both teams meet at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday.

“It seems like we have played them every year I have been here so it is a big team, we are excited, have beaten them in the past and are ready for the challenge,” Pulisic said.

“It could have gone either way for sure [last year]. We want some payback and hopefully beat them.

“You have to beat some good teams if you want to win the Champions League so we are ready for it. We are a confident team, we know we have good enough players to do some damage in this competition.”

“I wouldn’t want to play Chelsea in the Champions League,” he later added.

“We were in a similar situation the last time we won the Champions League, halfway through the year. We were struggling in the league and a lot of people were counting us out. Look what happened then.”