Why teams should fear Chelsea in the Champions League

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea star Christian Pulisic has revealed why teams should fear facing Chelsea in the Champions League.

Pulisic told the 5th Stand: “I wouldn’t want to play Chelsea in the Champions League. We were in a similar situation the last time we won the Champions League [2021] halfway through the year.

“We were struggling in the league and a lot of people were counting us out. Look what happened then.

“Has it been easy recently? No, but I’m proud of the way that the team has overcome it. We have new players and we have started to figure ourselves out a bit more.

“The team all of sudden looks a dangerous team to play against. Is it going to be easy? No. Are we going to have big fights, tough battles and big teams to play against to get there [the Champions League final], yes. We are ready for it and excited for the challenge.”