‘There is nothing he’s special at’ – Todd Boehly urged to sell Chelsea star in the summer

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea owner Todd Boehly has been urged to sell Chelsea forward Kai Havertz in the summer.

Popular Chelsea fan Vince tweeted: “For Chelsea to sort out the attack, Havertz’s role needs to be defined and complemented with other profiles or we take him out of the first XI entirely and rebuild the attack. If we have a settled attack, we can decide where his characteristics are needed. Or ultimately sell him.

“At the moment, he’s clearly not a goal scorer. 11% goal conversion is poor. For context: Lukaku had 19% conversion rate last season. Diego Costa finished his last season at Chelsea with 18%. Average shot conversion among elite strikers is btw 20% to 25%. 11% is unacceptable.

“Chance creation: He mostly plays as a false 9 and rarely lead the line. That means he will pop up is good areas to assist others. Again, his numbers are poor. 1.2 key passes per game and 4 big chances created in 29 games is low-level stats for a creative forward.

“To have him dominate attacking spaces and come up with those numbers is one of the reasons we have been poor. His work-rate makes him hard to drop. Managers love legs in this age of forward press and counter press. But ultimately you lose a lot to poor decisions in those areas.

“Hold-up play is also basic. He doesn’t have the upper body strength to hold off defenders. Passes are clumsy at times. To create chances, you have to take risks but he turns around for safe passes or make the wrong choices. Not bold enough to make difficult passes.

“What Tuchel did was use the WBs for creativity, giving him lesser time on the ball and more time in the box. His key passes last season were poorer as a result. He averaged 0.7 per game and created just 3 big chances.

“Verdict: He’s neither here nor there as a forward. There is nothing he’s special at. His dribbling and 1v1 skills are not up to standard either. If we can get a good fee, I prefer him to go because the Premier League may ultimately not be the best league for him.”