IT WILL BE A DIFFERENT STORY – Real Madrid boss sends warning to Frank Lampard and Chelsea

Photo: Fran Santiago/Getty Images

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has sent a warning to Chelsea following Real Madrid’s 3-2 defeat to Villarreal on Saturday.

Ancelotti has warned Chelsea that the Champions League clash between both teams on Wednesday will “be a different story”.

Ancelotti said: “It’s hard to prepare for a match that comes in between two other matches that are much more important. I made a lot of rotations because the Barcelona game took a lot out of us physically and mentally.

“It was hard to be 100 percent motivated because the Barcelona game demanded a lot from us emotionally. That’s normal, even though this defeat hurts us. But, this defeat doesn’t change anything about our motivation for the Champions League. Wednesday’s match will be completely different. It’ll be a different story.”