‘A laughing stock!’ Chelsea slammed for appointing Frank Lampard as interim manager

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea have been slammed by former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan for appointing Frank Lampard as interim manager until the end of the season.

Jordan told talkSPORT: “I think it would be laughable. I think Frank Lampard was an abject failure towards the end at Everton.

“I think the culture at Chelsea was poor towards the end [of Lampard’s tenure]. Player’s that have now gone, I grant you Rudiger, Frank marginalised.

“I think in certain quarters Chelsea are a laughing stock. Why would they want to compound that and make themselves an even bigger laughing stock by bringing Frank Lampard to sit in situ.

“I’m sorry, Frank’s a nice fella but that’s irrelevant.”

He added: “Why would Frank want to do it? It’s diminishing him. He’d be doing everyone a favour by turning up and getting a gig and second of all, you’ve been down that route.

“[Chelsea should] get on with appointing a big name manager if that’s what you want to do.”