Todd Boehly told this £98million goalscorer is the player Chelsea need next season

Romelu Lukaku
Photo: Robin Jones/Getty Images

Former Chelsea forward Daniel Sturridge believes Chelsea could benefit from giving Romelu Lukaku another chance to prove himself at Stamford Bridge next season.

Lukaku was frozen out by former Blues boss Thomas Tuchel last summer after a disappointing first year back at the club having transferred from Inter Milan for £98m in 2021.

While many feel Lukaku has run out of chances at Stamford Bridge, Sturridge is confident Lukaku is the player Chelsea needs next season.

“Dependant on manager, if they come in and build team around him, hopefully whoever comes in does fancy him as he didn’t have chance to prove himself,” Sturridge told Sky Sports following Chelsea’s 0-0 draw with Liverpool.

“New manager should know this guy does score goals. He does that and that’s what he is known for.”

Chelsea wasted numerous chances to defeat Liverpool on Tuesday night and Sturridge believes the chances Chelsea wasted could have been finished by Lukaku.

“For arguments sake we know his attributes are in the box, headers, one-touch finishes, if players around him provide those opportunities, right now maybe he is right player for that, if he was here could score those chances,” Sturridge claimed.

“Not saying [they have to] bring him back and build a team around him but at the moment he can be the player they need.”

However, Jamie Carragher is less convinced Lukaku is the answer to Chelsea’s goalscoring problems.

Carragher said: “He has had his time here, different manager but he has had his time here and doesn’t cut it.”

Lukaku though has also struggled on his return to Serie A this season, scoring just three top flight goals in 16 appearances.