Liverpool manager gives honest reason why Chelsea failed to beat Liverpool

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Despite creating numerous chances, Chelsea failed to beat Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night, with the game ending goalless.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp revealed Chelsea failed to beat Liverpool because both teams were low on confidence. Klopp also admitted he was happy to leave Stamford Bridge with a point.

“Both teams played last year in two finals, two of the best 0-0s I ever saw,” he told BBC Sport. “Today it was two teams low on confidence but really fighting. We’re fine with a point, a lot of good stuff. We showed a lot of fight. We have to keep going.

“We struggled with the last line in the beginning but changed three times. The balls in behind were tricky but then we recovered well. We got better into the game. The midfield was well-connected. We had our opportunities up front. It was not spectacular. It was a step. That’s what we have to do – make steps. Sometimes smaller steps.

“We need to have these chances. You need to keep having chances. I’m not disappointed about that. They scored twice but both goals were disallowed. I didn’t expect a team with six changes to play the best game of the season. The boys who came in used their opportunity and showed they were ready.

“We cannot talk about the goals we have if we don’t get points. We don’t give up, we will fight. We can talk a lot but we have to show. We saw a step in the right direction tonight.

“Some needed a rest.”