Chelsea star explains why he drinks Coke after every Chelsea game

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea star Kai Havertz has admitted to struggling with a healthy diet, insisting that he plays better after eating lots of sweets and fizzy drinks on matchdays.

Speaking to German outlet Ehrenpflaume, Havertz said: “We had a cook in London at the beginning, who came every day and cooked for us. 

“And I have to say, I did not feel good at all. This had the complete opposite effect on me. He said to me (that this is) because I’m a total sugar freak.

“You probably noticed (on Saturday), I drink coke after the game and I need sweets and stuff, because that gives me strength and energy.”

He continued: “Then we got a nutritionist at Chelsea and he completely went to the other policy and said ‘Kai, you need the Fanta, you need the coke, drink one a day’.

“At half-time I get gummy bears, Skittles or something. That move has pushed my body and I am full of energy again.”