‘He’s a brilliant football player’ – Ben Chilwell hails Chelsea star

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea left-back Ben Chilwell has hailed Chelsea forward Raheem Sterling as a brilliant football player.

“He’s a brilliant football player, so on the pitch we all kind of knew what we were getting,” Chilwell told Parimatch when asked about Sterling’s impact at Chelsea.

“We knew he was going to impact our team with a lot of goalscoring opportunities, with goals and assists.

“But of course, me and the boys who play at England know that in the changing room and around the training ground, he has a big impact.

“Even though he’s still young, he’s very experienced, he’s played a lot of international football, he’s played a lot of club games in the Premier League.

“He’s brought a lot of experience, which he’s using to help people across the team, especially the younger players.

“He’s a good addition to the group in terms of his playing style and how he wants to affect the game. And then in the changing room as well, he’s brilliant.”