Graham Potter reveals what Chelsea players have failed to do since he became Chelsea manager

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea manager Graham Potter has revealed Chelsea stars are yet to respond to his coaching since he became Chelsea manager.

Asked whether he feels the support of his players amid Chelsea’s poor run, Potter initially responded: “Yes, yes I do.”

He would then admit that his coaching hasn’t yet triggered a response: “When you’ve had the results we have had clearly it is not perfect otherwise you would have better results.

“Clearly it is a process of how to get our message across better. How can we structure things in a way to help the players because that is what we are here for.

“When results aren’t good, from my point of view you have to accept that we haven’t done it well enough.

“Now that’s the reality we are in and I am sure the players will take responsibility and admit they can do better as well.

“We are in it together. I don’t feel any loss of anything.

“I feel the support of the players, I feel the support of everyone here. I understand the frustrations externally but among the players, it is a desire for us all to do better and that is the pleasing thing. The results haven’t been good but we are still fighting for each other.”