Graham Potter: I won’t lose faith in my philosophy. I know my qualities

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Amid Chelsea’s poor run of form which has seen the Blues win just two games in our last fourteen, Chelsea boss Graham Potter has insisted he won’t lose faith in his philosophy.

“No, I do not [lose belief or faith in his methods]. I know it is football and sometimes this happens,” Potter said.

“I know my qualities. I know what I have done in my career, and I understand when results do not go your way you are open to criticism, and that is fair.

“This is the world we’re in. There is a transition and factors [to our results], but at the same time it is a motion, and the team is losing so you can understand. I am not stupid or naive, my job is to keep going and help the team through this tough period.

“You can only be yourself and try your best. I get it, when you’re losing there is always something that you can do or change. I have always been this way [calm on the touchline] and it has got me to this point. At the same time, I can understand if people want something different.”

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