Borussia Dortmund star surprised Chelsea made this mistake against Borussia Dortmund

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Borussia Dortmund star has revealed he was surprised by Chelsea’s decision to leave just Enzo Fernandez as the covering defender for Karim Adeyemi’s goal.

“Just pace, wasn’t it? I was surprised they left just one back especially when they knew it was Karim that was going to be breaking,” Bellingham said.

“He got the ball under control well and he just used the attributes that we all know he’s got and what we’ve seen in training from him. Now that he’s adapted and is comfortable we know he can create moments like that.”

Reacting to Borussia Dortmund’s goal against Chelsea, Graham Potter said: “We have to do better.

“We were pushing at the time and were the better team so to concede in that manner is disappointing. But the players are honest, they know they can do better with that. We have to help them of course but we have to focus on the positive which was the performance. Another step forward for us.

“Before the game you look at Reece and Ruben and Ben and Kalidou and it is their first or second game for quite some time.

“It isn’t easy to pick up the speed of the Champions League but they managed it really well, and we still have three new players coming in, playing against a team that’s in a good moment.

“So hopefully, I think we will improve and in three weeks’ time we can retake the game at Stamford Bridge.”

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  1. Es inconcebible que Morrison, Potter y su equipo técnico no hayan pronosticado esa situación de contra golpe, además fue notorio que no atendían las observaciones de Tiago para apoyar en la defensiva, tácticamente no se prepararon para eso y es ahí el trabajo del D.T

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