Why Chelsea boss Graham Potter needs time

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea legend Joe Cole believes Chelsea boss Graham Potter needs time due to the amount of changes that has happened at the club on the pitch and off the pitch. 

Cole told Football London: “There’s a lot of change that has happened at the club on the pitch and off the pitch. They’re going to need time to find these patterns of play.

“In a perfect world you throw 11 players on the pitch, 20-odd players together and it hits straight away. Sometimes it does. Logic tells you a lot of the time they need time.

“That’s what Graham Potter has to do, he’s got to work diligently every day with his team to get the best out of them. To find the patterns of play, to find the confidence in the team, to rebuild the lads and a big night at Dortmund can spark that.”

Cole also believes that the success of Potter and the transfers completed cannot be judged as quickly.

He added: “I think Chelsea’s recruitment strategy, you’ve got to let it simmer. You’ve got to wait for two or three years and see how these players go.

“Yes, there’s a lot of players come through the door in a short space of time for a lot of money but we don’t know the ins and the outs of the contracts, the dealings and how the payments are structured.

“What we do know is they’re all fantastic footballers that are sought after by everyone in world football. Now, for the next five months until the window reopens with this group of players, can they do it every three or four days, can they produce, can they win games? I believe they can.”