Graham Potter: There are things money can’t buy

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Chelsea boss Graham Potter has admitted there’s more pressure and expectation to win trophies after Chelsea spent big in the last two transfer windows but insists there are things money can’t buy.

Potter said: “There is more pressure and expectation that when you spend money you should win. Thankfully, we know that football doesn’t work exactly like that. You need resources to win but you need more than that – and that is the challenge.

“There are things money can’t buy you and that’s where you have to do your work. My experience is that you have to align your resources very well, understand the opportunities you have and the strengths you have, and the way you can compete against teams with more resources than you. It can be done.

“Can Brighton win the Premier League four out of five times? No, probably not I’d say because 95% of leagues are determined by finance. But if you’re not in those big ones, you want o be in the 5% that is bucking the trend.

“How you do that is understanding your idea, the opportunity you have, and align whatever resources you have in a good way. It’s like warfare, sometime guerrilla warfare can win.

“You don’t alway have to have the big guns and the big ammo. But sometimes it helps as well.”

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  1. Please Potter try to understand Cucurella that he is not fit to playing style for Chelsea

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