Rafael van der Vaart urge Tottenham Hotspur to sign unhappy Chelsea star

Former Tottenham Hotspur star Rafael van der Vaart has urged his former club to sign ‘unhappy’ Chelsea star Hakim Ziyech.

Speaking to Ladbrokes: Fanzone, Van der Vaart said: “There’s a few missing links for me, I think. I’ve always said they’re missing a classic number 10.

“The midfield, with Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Rodrigo Bentancur – when he is fit – is solid, but they’re missing a player who can pick up the ball between the lines, make space, turn, run at defenders and get the ball to Sonny [Heung-min Son] and Harry Kane.

“Harry has to play that role himself; dropping deep to get the ball, feed it out, then try to get into the box to get onto the end of things.

“It’s too much for him; he’s a striker, he has to stay on the shoulder of defenders and score goals – that’s his game.

“They’re missing something in that number 10 area, and I think the answer is Hakim Ziyech.

“He’s not happy at Chelsea, and I’m a big fan of his. If Tottenham were to bring him in, their problems are solved; I really don’t think they need much more.”