Graham Potter slammed for not changing anything at Chelsea after taking over from Thomas Tuchel

TalkSPORT pundit Rory Jennings Graham Potter has criticised Graham Potter for not changing anything at Chelsea since taking over from Thomas Tuchel.

Jennings told TalkSPORT: “(On Saturday) we were completely dominant for what 25 minutes (against West Ham) and all the new signings that started, they all played very well.

“So on one level, things are going okay but you can’t simply write off a season in order to prepare for a new season. You are effectively saying give it a bit of time, next season you will be great.

“This season is relevant, this season counts and we need points on the board now.

“So after that first-half in which we played very well and dominated away from home in an intense derby. Chelsea going away to West Ham, east London vs west London, it matters, it’s passionate, its aggressive and it’s not easy regardless of West Ham’s form.

“So we went there and dictated in the first-half with the new signings doing well, but after that it doesn’t matter anymore, just go and win the game.

“Graham Potter at half-time needed to find a way, that is his responsibility. We couldn’t find a way, we didn’t have any answers and West Ham could have won it if Declan Rice had timed his run.

“It takes time but I want to see an impact immediately. I don’t think it always does take time.

“Mikel Arteta is the standout example where things do take time but I think there are countless examples where immediate impact managers come in and change the trajectory of the team.

“Thomas Tuchel’s team wasn’t doing very well, it was moving in a downward trajectory but Graham Potter has come in and barely changed anything.”

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  1. Benjamin Egboja Joe | February 13, 2023 at 12:18 pm |

    Hmmmmmm 🥺🥺 this Gram Potter self I don’t know where is taking Chelsea to!

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