Chelsea ready to appoint this Premier League manager as new Chelsea boss

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Former Liverpool star Stan Collymore is convinced Chelsea will hire Jurgen Klopp as manager if he is sacked as Liverpool boss.

Just like Chelsea, Liverpool are having a bad season and are currently 10th in the Premier League after losing 3-0 at Wolves over the weekend.

“The reality is, if FSG sack Klopp, there is no one else out there better equipped to do a better job,” Collymore told Caught Offside.

“So anyone calling for him to go should be careful what they wish for because I’m certain that if he suddenly became available, you’d have Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG and even Chelsea all lining up.”

He added: “I still don’t think Jurgen Klopp should be facing the sack at Liverpool. I know they’re having an awful season but we need to look further back than just the past six months.

“Remember where Liverpool were when he came in – they were a real mess!

“They had a below-average squad, were barely competitive and couldn’t attract top players.

“Klopp single-handedly changed all of that and went on to win every trophy possible along the way, and he didn’t just turn them into a winning side, he completely revolutionised their style of play.”

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