REVEALED: Chelsea have failed to score a goal from counter-attacks in the last two seasons

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea are the only Premier League team to not score a goal from a counter attack in the last 2 seasons, according to Whoscored via CFC Daily.

Since the 20/21 season to February 2023, Chelsea have only scored 2 goals in the league from a counter attack. Chelsea managed 7 alone in 19/20 season.

Meanwhile, Chelsea boss Graham Potter has warned the failed Romelu Lukaku transfer should serve as a warning to Chelsea in the transfer market.

Potter said: “I think we need to improve as a team. If you look back 18 months, from the outside Chelsea wasn’t scoring and they thought they’d spend close to £100 million on a centre-forward [Lukaku] and that would fix all their problems, and it didn’t.

“You have to attack better as a team and that’s our challenge – that’s what we need to do.”

Asked how long he thought it might take for his raft of new arrivals to gel, Potter added: “I’d be lying if I could say I could give you a timescale on it. Put it this way, if I could get a month for every time I’ve been asked that question, I’d be here for five years [laughs].”