Jurgen Klopp reacts after Chelsea spend around £190million in the January transfer window

Jurgen Klopp
Photo: Getty Images

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has reflected on Chelsea’s £190million spending in the January transfer window.

Asked about Chelsea’s spending, Klopp said: “Interesting! I cannot explain it. If the numbers are true then it’s impressive.

“Chelsea sorts the problems differently to us. I can’t see investment stopping in the future so that means we have to do it as well. But I’m not talking about now, in general.

“I believe in coaching, developing, team building 100 per cent. But meanwhile in the world out there, the other managers are really good and they believe in those things as well. So if they start spending, properly spending, and do those things then you cannot not spend or you will have a bit of a problem.

“But I don’t think Chelsea can do that for the next 10 years. All teams have ups and downs. We are here in a good position. I know that sounds strange as we didn’t play our best football but in general we’re in good hands.

“We know about the responsibility we have and we try everything to bring us back on track. The moment you build a team, it doesn’t mean you have to build a new one every year. Give players the chance to make the next step. Then everything is possible again.

“It’s not worrying that other teams can spend. It’s a fact. We have to react to that as well but not just to that.”