Frank Leboeuf reveals two Chelsea players that need to be replaced

Photo: Reuters

Former Chelsea star Frank Leboeuf has named the two players that Chelsea must replace as they aren’t what the club needs.

According to Leboeuf, Chelsea need to replace striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and midfielder Jorginho.

“Jorginho has served the club very well but he’s nowhere near it anymore,” Leboeuf wrote in a column for Chelsea News.

“I had my time at Chelsea and people made it clear that John Terry was coming and I had to make way for him, and that’s understandable. That’s life.

“There is a present and there is a past, and the future is not for us. You have to accept that.

“I do like the way Jorginho plays, but he’s too slow when he has the ball, and defensively he doesn’t participate enough for me.”

On Aubameyang, Leboeuf added: “I’m not sure Potter has the players that he wants. We all know that we need a striker.

“I like Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, I played with his father and I love him, but I know that he’s not the guy we needed. They asked me at ESPN if I was OK with him and I said no it’s too late, he’s not the Aubameyang we knew.

“We can talk about Marcus Thuram, but he is not a striker, we need a striker. Romelu Lukaku didn’t work out, but Chelsea need a striker, someone who is able to create and score goals, because that is lacking right now.”