Former Chelsea boss jealous of Graham Potter

Photo: Getty images

Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho could not hide his jealousy at Chelsea’s spending power following the club’s signing of €100million Ukraine winger Mykhailo Mudryk.

After using Marash Kumbulla as cover for the banned Roger Ibanez during Roma’s 2-0 win over Fiorentina, Mourinho said: “In order to get that quality, we must get the young players to grow. Tahirovic has this quality.

“We need a defender who can pass the ball better out of defence and Kumbulla is probably the one who does it best, but we need Ibanez because of his pace and determination.

“We need to find a solution, we can’t just buy Mudryk for €100m!”

Mourinho continued: “I am not expecting anyone to arrive. The director [Tiago Pinto] was very honest and direct, he said things in an interview that a coach usually doesn’t like to hear.

“Coaches always want to hear we have lots of money, can buy option a, b, c, d, build an incredible team. That is the dream.

“I worked at clubs with those sorts of practically limitless funds. There are more and more clubs nowadays who fit that profile, but it’s not our profile. We work, we give our all, we work with the characteristics we’ve got.”