Graham Potter reacts after Chelsea fans call for the return of Abramovich and Tuchel

Chelsea fans called for the return of Roman Abramovich and Thomas Tuchel following Chelsea’s 4-0 FA Cup defeat to Manchester City.

Chelsea are already out of the Carabao Cup and FA Cup, with the Blues 10th in the Premier League.

Graham Potter – who took over in September after Tuchel’s sacking – admitted that he can sympathise with Chelsea’s fans.

“Clearly we are suffering and it’s not nice at all,” Potter said. “We can’t do anything other than do our jobs better and work harder.

“You can understand the fans’ frustration and we respect that. There are always other opinions and criticism because results haven’t been positive.

“We’re going through a bad moment and sometimes when you have them you need something to blame. We have to stick together and keep working.”

2 Comments on "Graham Potter reacts after Chelsea fans call for the return of Abramovich and Tuchel"

  1. Timothy Roberts | January 9, 2023 at 3:13 pm |

    These two guys have to return we are missing so many things

  2. What is this coach saying if i shld ask. What the team is playing right now is that hw football is played. No shots taken, no aggressiveness up front, slow pace in build ups and plenty of back passing and line/diagonal football, that’s all. He shld search himself and ask himself critical questions. Lastly, why does he keep benching players and when the game is not going Chelsea’s way he nw brings those same players in the second half. Is he nuts. Does it mean if Tiago, Kante and Recce is not playing, Chelsea wld be useless on the pitch. Is he not seeing that there is no creativity at all. Aubumeyang does not get played and even when his played, no passes. Why always using Havertz as a false centre forward. Others are played out of position. Why is Mendy on the bench if I shld ask. This Potter is just crazy and is confused. The same goes for Todd Boely. Mad man just took over and started laying off everybody and his the scout and the one who buys players for the coach and not the other way round. Americans and their show off and bossy nature. Is he not aware of what is called division of labour. They better fix this team ASAP. Is it not better Chelsea plays kick and follow football rather than this back passing football. Abeg oooo. Una dey give people HBP. Which levels na. This one choke oooooo.

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