‘Some of your questions are stupid’ – Chelsea boss Graham Potter hits back

Photo: Getty images

Chelsea boss Graham Potter has slammed the media for asking him stupid questions.

Ahead of Chelsea’s FA Cup against Manchester City at Etihad Stadium, Potter was questioned over his relaxed personality and whether he gets angry by results.

To which he said: “I hide it well. You see me here, and this isn’t actually me all the time.

“So, of course there are times where you get cross and you get angry, it’s not like I’m just some robot just talking to this tin can. Of course there’s stuff that happens.”

He added: “But my responsibility when it comes to you (the media) is to speak in a respectable way as I can, even though some of your questions are stupid. 

“But I’ve got to answer them the best I can, and as respectfully as I can because I represent a fantastic football club, and I’ve got that job to do. 

“Regardless if I’m p* off after the game, I have to come here and represent Chelsea the best way I can.”

Potter was then questioned about whether there has been too much negativity surrounding Chelsea.

He remarked: “I do not know. I do not read the newspapers. I stay away from social media.

“I am not naive to know that when you are having the results that we have, there is not going to be criticism and negativity – that would be strange for me to think that.

“And, again, I am not sitting here as some egomaniac that has all the answers and gets everything right – of course, that is not the case.

“But, at the same time, there are some challenges that we face. There are some margins in the Premier League that are difficult.

“We have had a massive transition (with new owners at Chelsea), problems in terms of injuries do not make it easy to be stable.

“But it is sort of blah, blah blah, isn’t it? People want to see results and say ‘shut up Graham, what are you talking about? We need to win.’”